Handmade Buttons UK

Handmade Buttons UK

Handmade buttons, polymer clay buttons created in Cheshire, UK by Valerie Anderson. Our handmade buttons have been developed after using polymer clay to make our jewellery. Handmade buttons are perfect for all your sewing, knitting and craft requirements as they provide unique designs, not available anywhere else ! We have large, medium and small buttons in a great colour range. Each button is made individually, we do not use molds. There may be a slight difference in colour or pattern between individual buttons or minimal difference in size. It doesnt have to be a new garment that you need buttons for. Why not revamp an existing garment, add new buttons and get a new look?

Our buttons are washable up to 30 degrees C but must NOT be dry cleaned

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Handmade Seam Rippers

Together with our handmade buttons, I have started handcrafting seam rippers. The seam rippers have a solid brass body and are the perfect gift for a sewer or quilter. So, if you buy buttons for sewing, consider treating yoursleft to a decorative seam ripper. Crafters deserve nice tools !