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Polymer Clay Jewellery-How Do you Sign Your Work?e

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It isnt vital that you sign your jewellery but a lot of people do it ! 

There are different ways of signing your work

  • Make a signature cane
  • Order a Customised Stamp ( many people making 3D cutters now offer these)
  • Make your own stamp

I have made a signature cane and sometimes use this on the back of my larger pieces ie.necklaces and pendants.

My friend ordered a fabulous customised stamp from Hobbyrian but unfortunateley she is no longer shipping to the UK since Brexit.

Conditioning Polymer Clay


I have found during lockdown that I have played with clay more, so I decided to make one ! It is also a great way to use scrap clay. First I rolled some scrap clay through a pasta machine and conditioned it.





I rolled through on the thickest setting and then made three layers of clay (oops sorry for the blurriness of the photo. I then cut this out with a small square Kemper cutter.

Signature stamp for clay




I then rolled out very thin snakes of clay and and placed them on the square shape I had previously made, not forgetting to reverse my initials !

You can see the small size of this compared to my fingernails.

I decided then to make a small handle, so carefully rolled a stick of clay, gently making a ridge in the middle with a skewer which makes if easier to hold. Even though both parts of these were raw, I added some bake and bond to ensure a strong hold. I then supported it on some cardboard in my oven.                                                                               

Handmade Signature Stamp-Bedecked Beads



And  here is the finished piece complete with handle




Et Voila, not a bad imprint for a first try !

Signature stamp imprint


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