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  1. Lockdown and Creativity

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    What affect has lockdown had on your creativity? Unfortunately I havent been as creative as I should be but I hope that will improve. I have taken part in various Zoom sessions with the Scottish Polymer Clay Group and also the British Polymer Clay Guild I have lots of excuses for my lack of creativity, as most of us do! We are planning to move to England and have had to go house hunting and have been busy destashing and tidying up, so gone is my clay mess on the dining table and I am now in the spare bedroom, frightened to make a mess ! You never know when a buyer may turn up.

    I feel as though I have all this extra time but it becomes more difficult to focus. Have you experienced that at all?

    Bedecked Beads Jewellery,WorkspaceHere is my VERY tidy workspace and as you can see I have been working on some new seam rippers which will be added VERY soon.

    During one of our Zoom sessions, we were meant to be working on slabs (which are not really my thing). 

    However you can incorporate some of the techniques into other I embraced my inner lockdown madness....




     I was inspired by colour, texture, Cubism, Picasso and the late Liz Welch who made some terrific jewellery. So here is my homage to them, unique face brooches in quirky designs.

    Quirky Brooch, Unique Brooches UK

  2. New Texture Sheets and Acrylic Inks for Polymer Clay jewellery

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    It is always fun when you buy something new to use on your polymer clay creations isnt it ?

    Debbie Bulford Texture SheetsTexture Sheets,Polymer Clay Metal Clay

    I chose to buy Debbie Bulfords new texture sheets which are extremely good value, giving 5 textures in one packet. I have ordered from Debbie before and have always been pleased with the quality and dispatch time of her products

    Debbie Bulford Texture Sheets UK

    In the 2nd picture, you can see the two texture sheets I chose for my project. I tried the first texture but didnt have an awful lot of success with itas it was a little shallow. I contacted Debbie and she said that particular texture would be better on metal clay. Not to be deterred however, I did use that sheet and once highlighted (as you will see in my designs) I had success. The best way I found was to press my thumbs down and walk them over the texture sheet a couple of times. I used water as a release which is okay with the Sculpey Premo I use (not all polymer clays though). Debbie provided very concise instructions as illustrated in the photo on the right.

    Once I had finished with the texturing, I used Liquitex acrylic inks which dont have the fading issues of alcohol inks and then highlighted with pan pastels. I think the finished items have a look of old pottery, what do you think?

    Thanks Debbie for selling these great tools !

    Blue and Copper necklace-Handmade JewelryFaux Ceramic Drope Earrings Blue