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  1. What are seam rippers? How do I use them?

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    Firstly why did I made these seam rippers? A friend wanted a unique seam ripper to use for her sewing business, so that got me started. Seam Ripper Purple Red white

    How do I use a seam ripper? Our seam rippers come with the tools inserted into the decorative tube, you need to remove these by gently twisting and pulling and then they can be inserted back into the tube, the opposite way round. The dual sewing tool contains both a seam ripper and a stiletto or awl. All sewers can make mistakes with stitching, so these become an essential for sewers and quilters alike

    1. If you are undoing a seam, unpick the first couple of stitches with the sharp end
    2. Once you have done this, place the red ball downside beween the two layers and the sharp blade on the top, pushing away from yourself
    3. Remember the seam ripper is your friend but do take care using it



  2. Seam rippers and buttons

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    I decided to have a change today. My handmade seam rippers have proved very popular in the past few months and I thought I had better add to my stock.


    These seam rippers are on brass bodies and contain stainless steel tools. This is a double tool, containing a stich unpicker and an awl tool (stiletto) I have decorated this one with a polymer clay cane in a lovely floral design.


    The advantage to making canes, is that you can store them for years and make allsorts with them, look I even made some handmade buttons below!



    I love creating my jewellery but sometimes you have to work on other projects. In fact how much jewellery can a girl have (not too much of mine, of course) These sewing accessories make the perfect gifts for her

  3. Handmade Buttons, are they worth it ?

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    Are handmade buttons worth it? I love creating handmade buttons and the fact that they are washable is a bonus. I know that many people invest in hand sewn and knitted items by choosing unique trimmimgs and accessories. The way our buttons differ, is that the patterns are made out of different blends of clay and hand cut. I refine the holes in the buttons after I have made them and then they are handpackaged.

    Handmade Buttons, Patchwork, Square ButtonsMy small buttons retail at 80p each, a customer at a recent craft fair thought that a pack of 4 buttons was 80p. I try to price my handmade buttons competitively and I know that I have received some lovely feedback on them. As a crafter, are you willing to pay a little extra for buttons which arent mass produced?