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  1. Colour mixing, designing jewellery and more

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    I am very lucky to belong to a supportive Facebook group which is for polymer clay people based in Scotland. The Scottish branch of the BPCG meets in Edinburgh every 3 months and also in Glasgow. We run a monthly challenge and the new challenge for July is colour.

    We have a lady who is a great help at our clay days,Bella Green, who is an artist and also enjoys creating with  polymer clay. Bella holds classes for budding and experienced artists and so is an expert with colour.




    My main colours in this piece were blue and yellow and have mixed colours together to create this necklace. The blue and yellow made this lovely forrest green, yellow and a bit of red made the orange, green and yellow made the brighter green and yellow and white made the lemon.

    All of these were threaded together on yellow waxed cotton cord and the necklace fastens with a button, also made of these colours of polymer clay.

    The wonderful thing about using clay is you ALWAYS have some left. So while I had these delicious colours on my work table, I created some more handmade buttons and a new seam ripper


    P1010803  P1010800

  2. Handmade Buttons, are they worth it ?

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    Are handmade buttons worth it? I love creating handmade buttons and the fact that they are washable is a bonus. I know that many people invest in hand sewn and knitted items by choosing unique trimmimgs and accessories. The way our buttons differ, is that the patterns are made out of different blends of clay and hand cut. I refine the holes in the buttons after I have made them and then they are handpackaged.

    Handmade Buttons, Patchwork, Square ButtonsMy small buttons retail at 80p each, a customer at a recent craft fair thought that a pack of 4 buttons was 80p. I try to price my handmade buttons competitively and I know that I have received some lovely feedback on them. As a crafter, are you willing to pay a little extra for buttons which arent mass produced?