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  1. New Texture Sheets and Acrylic Inks for Polymer Clay jewellery

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    It is always fun when you buy something new to use on your polymer clay creations isnt it ?

    Debbie Bulford Texture SheetsTexture Sheets,Polymer Clay Metal Clay

    I chose to buy Debbie Bulfords new texture sheets which are extremely good value, giving 5 textures in one packet. I have ordered from Debbie before and have always been pleased with the quality and dispatch time of her products

    Debbie Bulford Texture Sheets UK

    In the 2nd picture, you can see the two texture sheets I chose for my project. I tried the first texture but didnt have an awful lot of success with itas it was a little shallow. I contacted Debbie and she said that particular texture would be better on metal clay. Not to be deterred however, I did use that sheet and once highlighted (as you will see in my designs) I had success. The best way I found was to press my thumbs down and walk them over the texture sheet a couple of times. I used water as a release which is okay with the Sculpey Premo I use (not all polymer clays though). Debbie provided very concise instructions as illustrated in the photo on the right.

    Once I had finished with the texturing, I used Liquitex acrylic inks which dont have the fading issues of alcohol inks and then highlighted with pan pastels. I think the finished items have a look of old pottery, what do you think?

    Thanks Debbie for selling these great tools !

    Blue and Copper necklace-Handmade JewelryFaux Ceramic Drope Earrings Blue

  2. Creating with Fimo Leather Effect Polymer Clay

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    I was lucky enough to win a competition on Crafty Arts over on Instagram recently. Lucky me, I won 6 x blocks of the Fimo Leather Effect polymer clay by Staedtler, black, indigo, berry, saffron, olive and rust.

    I wasnt sure where to start, this product is fairly new and there hasnt been a lot of work done with it. These are just some of my thoughts. I found the clay very malleable and sticky, it is in a large wrapper which means that you can fold over the plastic when you have taken clay from the packet. Quite useful I thought. Although I liked the colours of the clay I received, I wanted to see how the clay mixed and make some custom clay blends


    I mixed equal parts of berry and indigo = purple,  

    saffron and indigo = turquoisy green

    berry and saffron = rose pink 

    The clay wasnt easy to mix and you can see the bottom blend in the picture was more marbled, I did however mix if further to make a rather attractive purple. Glinger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree, used a marbled blend to make a purse

    I decided to mix the rust with a very small amount of black which gave me a more natural leather colour, which I used as a base

    P1010709 To be quite honest during this process of blending, there wasnt much need for a pasta machine as the Fimo clay was very malleable.

    I rolled out my clay with just a roller and textured it, which I thought made a rather nice pattern on the leather. Please note if you stretch the clay slightly it will give you more texture

    I cut tear drop shapes from each colour (apart from the brown) to make shapes for my necklace. As stated by others, the Fimo leather effect does not give a clean cut even with the sharpest cutters or blades due to inclusions in the clay


    These segments were used on the base brown clay to create the necklace. The necklace was then cured at 130°C for 45 mins ( covered with tin foil to protect it ) I even made a brooch and a pair of earrings with my blends. I did feel that the colours were a tad too bright for the look I was going for, so I coated the pieces with a burnt umber acrylic paint and rubbed tit off the surface. Coated the clay with a matt Golden Varnish to protect the surface





     Here are the finished pieces

    What do I think of Fimo Leather Effect ? I enjoyed experimenting with something that was different to my normal clay (Premo) I like the fact that it is VERY flexible after curing and the effects you can get with it. Dont forget you can sew on it too. Maybe that should be my next project?


  3. Polymer Clay Canes, Souffle Clay

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    I was really lucky to buy some Sculpey Souffle polymer clay from a lady who was giving up claying. Yaaaay for me but sad for her as you may have guessed I am a clayaholic.

    Polymer Clay Cane, Souffle ClayI sat in front of the clay and couldnt decide what to do. I thought for a while and decided to make a polymer clay cane, not my 'thing' really and the clay was a tad sticky and felt strange, a suedey feel. I was however quite pleased with the resulting cane, although when reduced I felt it lost some of its oomph. Next time I will use more clay.

    I managed to make a few things from the cane, firstly I made a pendant in a contemporary modern, half circle design. The necklace is reversible with the cane on one side and a navy on the reverse with dots made from marbled colours of the Souffle. I have also made complementary earrings which can be purchased seperately (if you wish to purchase both together, contact me and I can arrange a discount )

    P1010675P1010670P1010667        P1010681 

    Finally I made a new seam ripper. These seam rippers are on brass bodies with stainless steel tools. Sewers and quilters like attractive, quality tools so these would make a great gift for her or a treat for yourself!