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  1. Tools and supplies for creating polymer clay jewellery can vary. You can be resourceful and find things in your own home (tell your husband to lock his tool box) ! One of the techniques used in polymer clay jewellery is called mokume gane, first used in metal work by layering differnet colours of metals. You can imprint your mokume gane stack (in polymer clay) with various tools, that can be found in the house. Screwdrivers, knives, icing nozzles, cookie cutters are all suitable for this. 

    Once you become obsessed as I am, you never go to a store without seeing polymer clay possibilities and your mobile becomes your best friend for making purchases. Remember, you are supporting small businesses! I reccently discovered Wish, enough said! Here are some recent craft purchases


  2. Well ladies and gents, it has arrived, Valentines Day. Are you a romantic or a sceptic? I wonder how many people receive cards and/or gifts for Valentines Day, did you? I didn't receive a gift or card but Mr BB constantly suprises me with the thoughtful things he does. Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean far more to you than the material things

    I create my handmade jewellery all year round. I have a passion for creating art jewellery which makes a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary or just because. I love hearts, I love the shape and the hearts aesthetic appeal, do you? I hope you enjoy this small selection of polymer clay jewellery.

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  3. It is a long time since I posted! Today I have been playing with colour, inspired by Piet Mondrian and his abstract art, which I think suits polymer clay so well. Polymer clay jewellery is renowned as being bright, but I can do subtle too! Mondrian is renowned for his use of colour blocks together with black lines (which are not neccesarily the same width) I have used Mondrians colour but have also been  playing with shapes and curvature (I will post pictures in the next few days). We take inspiration from our surroundings and art is as good a place as any to start. Do you have a particular artist who inspires you? Creating my handmadejewellery, here in Scotland is my passion. What is yours?

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