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  1. Spring starts to fill me with enthusiasm for the year and kick starts my creativity. Mothers day and Easter are round the corner and although I dont make gifts specifically for these events, I do try and create gifts that are suitable. Last year I started making seam rippers , which have proved succesful with the sewers and quilters. Dare I say it, sometimes we have too many pieces of jewellery? Thus the need to create something different.

    My polymer clay jewellery has developed over the years. I keep up with my skills by attending yearly workshops, with international teachers and attending our 3 monthly clay workshops in Edinburgh

    Blue and Grey Earrings, Polymer Clay JewelleryP1000661Handbag Mirror, Pink Accessory

  2. I am taking part in March Meet the Maker challenge on Instagram at the moment. It provides a lot more information about me and my handmade jewellery business. I have never managed to get past the first few days, so this is a big challenge. Today the subject was part time or full time. If you are a handmade craft business you must know that you put in many hours. I would class myself as a part time maker as other time is taken up with workshops, clay days, selling face to face and time to chill. How about you ?A crafters life